Thursday, April 25, 2013

first post

today i received my first post!
it is very exciting to get something in the mail.
it is from telma to me - cheryl.
all the way from portugal to canada.

she sent some patterned paper,
2 little notebooks,
special local tea,
a handwritten letter,
and a lovely necklace -
handmade for me.
(i love the pinecone)
thank you so much telma -
i can't wait to send you something back -
but that will have to wait until december.
in the meantime -
i am down to the last minute to send mine -
all the way to malta -
(i had to look that up on the map)
sorry juniper -
(don't you just love her name?) -
it may not get there until may.
but, here is a sneak peak at the envelope...


  1. Woow! So pretty! the necklace is lovely, and Cheryl your envelope looks awesome! I cant wait to see what is inside (: and I hope Telma like what I send her!

  2. wauw thelma, it looks nice and I love your necklace!